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Bitpowr : A Wallet and Digital Assets Infrastructure

Bitpowr aims to make building and scaling your business or product ridiculously easy on the blockchain (read more)

BitpowrApr 12, 2022
Bitpowr : A Wallet and Digital Assets Infrastructure

Bitpowr : A Wallet and Digital Assets Infrastructure

Bitpowr aims to make building and scaling your business or product ridiculously easy on the blockchain

Web3, Blockchain, DAOs, NFTs, and the new Metaverse are the latest buzzing words and terms painting the future of a decentralized world of finance and ownership. The blockchain and crypto space keeps evolving and has pretty much been amazing with what is and could be achieved in a matter of time. Blockchain is the future of decentralized finance, borderless payments, and ownership. These unique benefits of blockchain and its ecosystem can be harnessed by businesses, startups, and individuals to scale and access the global digital market at large.

Blockchain technology has seen a lot of hype especially in the finance ecosystem, which makes many business leaders keenly interested in adopting it to their business components but also concerned about blockchain challenges and risks.

The Problem

The current state of building a blockchain product is still very complex as blockchain itself is a piece of sophisticated technology and the learning curve requires an amount of time to understand its workings.

Existing businesses or new startups or individuals tend to experience a lot of issues when they try to implement blockchain into their product and this basically costs time and money thereby reducing the adoption of blockchain.

When building on the blockchain, you’ll be faced with some issues such as:

  1. Cost of building on the blockchain

  2. The adequate skill set required to develop

  3. Security- ensuring security at every level to keep funds secured

  4. Multi Chain and Blockchain interoperability - no uniformed structure and implementation for different blockchains

  5. Scalability

It can’t be ignored that these listed issues are not significant hurdles to blockchain implementation and adoption.

Building on the blockchain can be very expensive, time-consuming, and complex especially if you don’t have the right skill set of people to get it done.

The Solution

The solution is a blockchain and crypto infrastructure that facilitates easy implementation and adoption of blockchain into new and existing products.

Bitpowr is already doing this by making it extremely easy to implement blockchain, crypto, and digital assets into your product or application.

We have built a blockchain wallet and digital assets infrastructure that lets you easily create and manage blockchain wallets, process crypto transactions, manage digital assets and manage your accounts across crypto and exchanges platforms.

Bitpowr’s wallet infrastructure enables access to the digital economy at large to businesses and individuals. It establishes an absolute balance between security and accessibility —which is enabling customers to move assets seamlessly and reliably, secured by Bitpowr MPC cryptosystems, user and account policies, and an advanced transaction approval process.

To accommodate different kinds of business use cases, Bitpowr provides different types of wallets with layers of platform security and transaction policy features to meet a wide range of business needs.

We currently support a wide range of digital assets and blockchains. We have support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Polygon, Tron, Binance Smart Chain and currently implementing Solana, Dogecoin, and Terra. In the pipeline, we are looking to integrate Stellar, Ripple, Fantom, and Arbitrum. This would ensure easy support for different blockchains in your product.

Bitpowr has provided a simple UI for easy management of your accounts and as well as API and SDKs, which can be used to manage your wallets, create transactions, and connect to our blockchains APIs easily.

We started Bitpowr to help businesses and individuals scale their crypto product seamlessly on the blockchain and the past nine months is focused on building the infrastructure to support different blockchain integrations and the wallet infrastructure itself.

The Future


Bitpowr is out of early access and now onboarding clients massively to help them scale their product with digital assets easily on the blockchain.

We are building a platform that lets you focus on what’s necessary — building your product while we help you handle the crypto and blockchain integrations for your business day to day operations.

Check out our documentation to learn more about our wallet services and other related products.  Contact sales or send an email to [email protected] to get started!



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