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Grow and secure your digital asset

Deliver reliable investment services powered by battled tested technology.

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Power smart investments

Manage investments in digital assets for profitability and security

Access blockchain protocols, tools and secure wallet infrastructure to create and manage a diversified portfolio for your investors.

  • Directly connect to exchanges

    Quickly connect to various exchanges with our APIs to enable seamless and profitable trading.

    • Choose reputable crypto exchanges
    • Access varying rates
  • Fund external exchanges

    Send funds directly from your Bitpowr account to all exchanges you are connected to.

    • Move funds to exchanges easily and securely
    • Secure funds on Bitpowr with MPC-based vault
  • Explore diverse investment opportunities

    Create a truly diversified portfolio of digital assets by tapping into an extensive ecosystem of blockchains.

    • Expand your investment options
    • Trade profitably with reliable data
  • Ensure transparency and compliance

    A distributed ledger ensures investors can easily and securely access records of their investment allocations and holdings on demand.

    • Enable read-only access for fund administrators
    • Automate transaction vetting with AML and KYT policies

For Developers

All you need to launch and scale financial products at your fingertips

We have made building and managing blockchain financial products as easy as possible with our intuitive APIs. With clear documentation that outlines the simple integration procedures for various tools, you can start powering and performing blockchain financial operations at scale in days.

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Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure