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Secure and scalable wallet infrastructure for digital asset management.

Easily access reliable wallet infrastructure backed by MPC technology to secure your digital assets across multiple blockchains.

Reliable Wallet Solutions For Digital Asset Businesses

Deploy modern and compliant wallets built on flexible technology designed to grow with your business. Now you can safely manage, store and transfer digital assets.

  • Secure MPC Custody

    Enjoy bank-grade security and faster transactions powered by an MPC-based vault, the highest security level in key management encryption.

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  • Assets Management

    Facilitate new investment vehicles, faster asset transfer, and seamlessly connect to exchanges while reducing cost, improving operational efficiency and transparency and streamlining regulatory compliance.

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  • AML and KYT

    Easily comply with anti-money laundering guidelines, safeguard your business and customers from bad actors and improve transaction security with KYT audits.

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  • Secure Policy Engine

    Secure your digital assets and manage how your transactions are carried out with Bitpowr’s flexible and robust approval and withdrawal policy settings.

  • Tokenization

    Convert ownership, rights and benefits into digital tokens for seamless collaboration and governance, easier exchange, division, and transfer of assets.

  • Seamless Automated Workflow

    Achieve operational efficiency with Bitpowr’s robust automation protocols including determining when to collect funds and automating gas refill for Ethereum addresses to prevent failed transactions.

  • Wallet Infrastructure
    Wallet Infrastructure


    Why Bitpowr’s Wallet Infrastructure is Better

    Hundreds of leading businesses trust Bitpowr’s wallet infrastructure to expand their digital asset operations, provide excellent user experience, and maximize capital and profit with ease.

    • Multi-Chain and Assets Support

      Access 19 blockchains and 28+ digital assets, and counting, to launch and scale your blockchain products and operations.

    • Lower Transaction Fees

      Cut operating costs and improve your profit margin with Bitpowr’s business-friendly transaction fees.

    • Multiple Wallet Types

      Deliver different wallet types to satisfy varying customer needs, including smart contract wallets, custodial and non-custodial options.

    • Seamless Integration

      We’ve optimized for simplicity and speed without compromising on security, so you can securely access multiple blockchain protocols and tokens from one platform.


    Ready to get started?

    Join Hundreds of ambitious businesses taking advantage of the blockchain’s potential to unlock new revenue opportunities with Bitpowr’s all-in-one blockchain infrastructure for digital asset custody and management.



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    Wallet Infrastructure
    Wallet Infrastructure