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MPC Custody Wallet

Safely store and transfer digital assets with our MPC wallet built for scale and operational efficiency.


A hybrid wallet solution that finds the right balance between self-custody, security, interoperability, and recoverability

Deliver next-level chain agnostic secure wallet thats easy to use for securing digital assets.

  • Ironclad Security

    Secure self-custody solution with Multi-Party Computation which safeguards digital assets against bad actors by removing single point of failure in managing private keys by sharding keys across multiple locations.

  • Multi-chain Support

    use a blockchain agnostic wallet infrastructure that ensures private keys are not stored in single location.

  • Withdrawal and Approvals Policy

    Determine how assets move out of your wallet with a tailored withdrawal policy and set admins to approve transactions.

  • Treasury and AML policy

    Protect your business and meet compliance stipulations with policies that help you flag and determine what to do with malicious addresses and transactions.

Use Cases

Unlock digital assets security and operation efficiency with MPC custody wallet

  • 1
    Safely process crypto payments

    Enable your financial institution to securely accept crypto payments and get paid instantly and from anywhere, avoid hefty transaction fees, and appeal to a wider audience.

  • 2
    Store digital assets

    Leverage the MPC wallet’s multi-chain capabilities to store and enable customers to manage varying digital assets all in one place.

  • 3
    Facilitate secure crypto trading

    Power wide-scale crypto trading by attracting crypto enthusiasts and investors who are confident in your wallet’s security.

  • 4
    Enable lending and borrowing on the blockchain

    Support crypto lending and borrowing with MPC wallet infrastructure for secure custody and asset transfer.


Ready to get started?

Harness the commercial benefits of the blockchain with the most secure wallet for digital asset custody.



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