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Compliance stack to stay compliant from day one

Protect your business and customers by monitoring cryptocurrency transactions with air-tight AML screening and flagging.


A reliable AML and KYT system for total compliance and next-level security

Our robust AML service helps financial institutions comb through wallet addresses, flag blacklisted ones and choose how best to handle such addresses.

  • AML flag notification

    Receive an email when a transaction or address sets off an AML trigger.

  • Address delisting

    Scale compliance with ease by setting the number of AML flags an address needs to attract before it’s automatically blocked and delisted.

  • Manual blocking

    Manually prevent infringing addresses from performing transactions via your platform.

  • AML status

    Choose to enable or disable a feature that returns an error message when a user interacts with a blacklisted address

Use Cases

  • 1
    Cryptocurrency hedge funds

    Verify the source of investor funds to avoid enabling scams or money laundering schemes.

  • 2
    Cryptocurrency exchanges

    Facilitate crypto trading and grow your revenue while maintaining a low risk profile by monitoring customer and transaction risk levels.

  • 3
    Financial Institutions

    Augment your KYC procedures with our AML and KYT functionalities.

  • 4
    OTC trading desks

    Ensure compliance with global regulations, earn the confidence of investors and reduce the risk of fraud.


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Stay compliant from day one using Bitpowr compliance infrastructure.



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