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Digital assets & treasury management for scale

Securely manage day to day digital assets and treasury operations, swap between currencies on chain and connect to financial platforms like exchanges for seamless trading operations.


All in one platform to manage digital assets operations

Get access to everything you need to enable and simplify profitable digital assets management.

  • Multi-blockchain support

    Custody, trade and transfer existing cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and other digital assets or create yours, all in one place. Bitpowr supports over 28 digital assets across 12 blockchains, and counting.

  • Secure asset custody

    Securely manage and trade digital assets with our MPC-fortified wallet infrastructure.

  • Flexible wallet options

    From custody to self-custodial wallets, deliver the wallet option preferred by your customers using Bitpowr’s scalable wallet infrastructure.

  • Efficient policy engine

    Shape how funds move in and out of your platform with automated withdrawal, approver and collection policies for a seamless workflow.


Ready to get started?

Launch and manage your digital custody financial institution with ease and speed.



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Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure