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Bitpowr & Solana

Securely Integrate Solana to your product.

BitpowrOct 03, 2022
Bitpowr & Solana

Bitpowr & Solana

We’re pleased to announce that Bitpowr now supports Solana. Via Bitpowr, you can now store, transfer and launch products that interact with Solana’s native SOL tokens and SPL tokens, which are created on the Solana blockchain.

How does Solana work on Bitpowr:

For instance, if Peter wants to send USDC to anyone in the world, he should be able to do so using the Solana Blockchain integrated in Bitpowr (transactions on solana are faster and cheaper). He can fund his Bitpowr wallet with USDC _SOL via wire transfer or Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN), after which he will be able to carry out on-chain transactions with ease.

Overview of Solana

Solana is a blockchain platform designed to run decentralized applications. Based on proof of History (PoH) and proof of Stake (PoS), it processes transactions quickly at low cost.

To pay for network transaction fees, Solana has its own native and utility token called SOL. Additionally, it is employed for staking, which enables users to assist Solana’s security while gaining rewards. The inflationary token is designed to have a decreasing supply and an annual inflation rate of 1.5%. Solana is an ideal ecosystem for many DApps and other DeFi applications since the blockchain is faster and cheaper.

Get started

If you are an existing Bitpowr user go to your wallet dashboard and create a new SOL wallet. Connect with our team if this is your first time or you need more information



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