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Bitpowr & Vella Finance

Discover how Vella Finance, a global payment infrastructure, is harnessing the power of Bitpowr to enhance and Grow their business operations.

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavMay 12, 2023
Bitpowr & Vella Finance

Vella Finance provides alternative payment solutions for financially underserved small business owners in Africa by bridging existing traditional payment and remittance gaps with cryptocurrency rails.

With Vella Finance, businesses are able to send money to suppliers and partners in over 80 countries and also receive payments seamlessly from their customers via payment links, invoices, and payment gateway integration.

When Bitpowr’s Head of Sales approached Vella, the company was relying on a merchant’s in-house Wallet infrastructure for its Blockchain operations. However, as Vella continued to experience growth, they realized the need for a more reliable and scalable solution and Bitpowr was providing it, from there the team decided to give Bitpowr a try and the rest they say is history.

The Problem

Vella initially relied on a direct competitor’s infrastructure to power their operations. However, as they started to experience growth, they soon realized that their existing infrastructure had limitations in terms of scalability. The increasing demands of their expanding operations outpaced the capabilities of the competitor’s infrastructure, creating a challenge for Vella. In response, they opted for Bitpowr a more reliable and scalable solution to support their growing business.

What services is Vella using from the Bitpowr suite of services

Currently, Vella leverages

  • Bitpowr secure MPC wallet to confidently store and manage their digital assets while still maintaining complete control over their funds.
  • Vella also leverages Bitpowr’s automated KYT/AML engine to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure that all transactions were legitimate and not fraudulent.
  • Our flexible policy also engine allows Vella Finance to customize its security policies to meet its specific needs.

Vella’s experience so far using Bitpowr

Gabriel Ajenifuja, CTO of Vella Finance, expressed his satisfaction with the services provided by Bitpowr. He highlights the crucial role Bitpowr plays in their crypto infrastructure, enabling seamless global payments for their customers and fostering trust in their services.

Ajenifuja also praises the responsive support from the Bitpowr team, stating that whenever he reached out for assistance via Slack, he received prompt responses to his queries.

The integration process with Bitpowr’s robust platform was smooth and hassle-free. Vella Finance seamlessly incorporated the platform into its existing infrastructure without any complications or disruptions. This streamlined integration has saved them valuable time and effort, allowing them to concentrate on their core operations.

Drawing from their positive experience, Vella Finance confidently declares that if they require similar services in the future, they will undoubtedly choose Bitpowr again.

Gabriel’s thoughts on the future of finance for cross-border payment solutions?

The potential is already here, waiting to be fully realized. The main factor that will drive this future is the adoption and approval by government bodies, along with the necessary licensing and regulatory frameworks. Once these elements are in place, we can expect to see widespread implementation of blockchain technology in the financial sector.

From my perspective, the future of finance on the blockchain offers several advantages, including cost reduction, increased efficiency, faster transaction speeds, enhanced security, and greater transparency. These are all critical aspects that can revolutionize the financial industry.

It’s important to note that the adoption of blockchain in finance is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when. The benefits and potential are already evident, and it’s only a matter of time before governments recognize and embrace this technology for the betterment of their financial systems.

As we navigate this path, a collaboration between industry players, regulators, and governments will be crucial to ensure a smooth transition and to establish the necessary trust and confidence in blockchain-based financial solutions.


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