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Bitpowr & Vella Finance

Discover how Vella Finance, a global payment infrastructure, is harnessing the power of Bitpowr to enhance and Grow their business operations.

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavMay 12, 2023
Bitpowr & Vella Finance

As a crypto wallet infrastructure provider, Bitpowr has proven to be an instrumental and important part of @Vella’s crypto infrastructure With your solution, we have been able to help our customers send and receive payments globally- Gabriel Ajenifuja, CTO Vella Finance.

What were the challenges? Existing solutions were not scalable, and there were security and compliance concerns.

👉 Bitpowr provided Vella Finance with a secure MPC wallet to confidently store and manage their digital assets while still maintaining complete control over their funds.

👉 The automated KYT/AML helped Vella Finance comply with regulatory requirements and ensure that all transactions were legitimate and not fraudulent.

👉 Our flexible policy engine allowed Vella Finance to customize its security policies to meet its specific needs.

We are proud of being part of Vella Finance’s success story and will continue to offer our support as they grow and innovate in the payment industry.

Don’t just take our word for it, Let’s have a conversation about how we can help you too scale and grow your fintech product today.



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Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavMay 22, 2023



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