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Bitpowr Integrates with OP Stack (Optimism x Base)

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavFeb 06, 2024
Bitpowr Integrates with OP Stack (Optimism x Base)

We are happy to announce that Bitpowr has integrated with OP Stack to support low-cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchains such as the Optimism mainnet and Base L2. This integration will bring several benefits to businesses building on the Optimism network, simplifying the development process, improving scalability, and enhancing security for your blockchain applications.

What is OP Stack?

The OP Stack is a modular, open-source blueprint for building highly scalable and interoperable blockchains. It promotes extensibility, allowing developers to build custom blockchains tailored to specific user needs.

It is simple and easy for developers to understand and work with the technology.

The Superchain built on OP Stack allows web3 projects to build optimistic Rollups that enable seamless interoperability between different blockchains.

The stack significantly improves performance and efficiency by moving most of the computation off-chain, reducing gas costs, and increasing transaction throughput.

Its full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine ensures that existing tools and resources can be leveraged.

The decentralized nature of the OP Stack encourages community collaboration, ensuring the continued growth of the ecosystem.

The OP Stack serves as a solution to tackle congestion issues on the Ethereum mainnet. It stands as the open-source foundation driving the Optimism ecosystem, specifically crafted to bolster the Superchain.

What is Optimism Mainnet?

The Optimism mainnet is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, designed to provide faster transactions at a fraction of the cost, addressing Ethereum’s scalability issues. It operates as a Layer 2 network on top of Ethereum’s architecture, acting as a minimal extension of the main Ethereum layer. The main benefits of the Optimism mainnet include improved scalability, increased transaction speeds, reduced gas fees, and consistent security measures and decentralization as the Ethereum mainnet. It is built on the OP Stack and utilizes Optimistic Rollup technology.

What is Base?

Base, on the other hand, is Coinbase’s Layer 2 network built on OP Stack in collaboration with Optimism. It aims to be decentralized, permissionless, and open to anyone with the vision of creating a standard, modular, rollup agnostic Superchain powered by Optimism. Base offers full EVM compatibility at a fraction of the cost. It is designed to be a scalable and secure platform for hosting blockchain applications and services, with a focus on open source, decentralization, and permissionless access.

How to Access OP Stack Networks on Bitpowr?

To get started with OP Stack on Bitpowr, simply sign up Here. If you are already using Bitpowr, you can interact with Base and Optimism via the dashboard or API.



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