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Bitpowr’s Webhook Revamp

With Bitpowr's Webhook, learn how you can tailor event notifications to your exact preferences, ensuring you receive the most relevant updates for your needs.

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavNov 07, 2023
Bitpowr’s Webhook Revamp

Staying informed and having real-time updates about the moving parts of your business is crucial. Whether you’re monitoring financial transactions, customer interactions, or other critical data, webhooks have become an indispensable tool for real-time notifications. Bitpowr is always committed to providing you with the best possible tools and is excited to introduce two exciting updates to our webhook service: Webhook Subscription and Webhook Static IP.

First What are Webhooks?

Webhooks are a real-time communication mechanism between two applications or systems. They use HTTP requests to send automatic and immediate notifications about specific events or data updates. This ensures that relevant information is always delivered as soon as it becomes available. Webhooks are commonly used to integrate and synchronize data between various web services, making them a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their processes and stay informed about critical events

Webhook Subscription Update

Every user has unique requirements and preferences when it comes to webhook notifications. Recognizing this, Bitpowr has implemented a Webhook Subscription model that allows you to have fine-grained control over the types of events you receive. This new feature empowers you to specify the event types, sources, or transaction parameters you want to be notified about, ensuring that you only receive the most relevant and timely information.

So, what does this mean for you as a Bitpowr user?

1. Tailored Notifications

Webhook Subscription allows you to fine-tune your webhook notifications to align perfectly with your specific business requirements. For instance, within your financial institution, you can configure your webhook to provide you with real-time alerts on asset value changes and account-related activities. This tailored approach ensures that you stay informed about the critical events that directly impact your financial operations.

2. Improved Efficiency

By narrowing down the notifications you receive, you can reduce the noise and focus on the critical events that require immediate attention. This not only saves you time but also improves the efficiency of your operations.

3. Enhanced User Experience

We understand that user experience is paramount. The Webhook Subscription update offers a more user-friendly and intuitive way to configure your webhook notifications. It’s as simple as selecting the event types you’re interested in, specifying the sources, and setting the parameters. The result? A more streamlined and personalized experience tailored to your exact needs.

Use Cases

Examples of events you can subscribe to include, but are not limited to:

  • Transactions: Receive real-time updates on financial transactions.
  • Asset: Stay informed about changes in asset values.
  • Account: Monitor activities related to customer accounts.
  • Address: Get notified about address changes.
  • Customers: Keep track of customer interactions and data.

Webhook Subscription is all about putting the power back in your hands, allowing you to take control of your data and notifications like never before.

Webhook Static IP

This update enables you to restrict and whitelist webhook requests to your Webhook URL, ensuring that only Bitpowr servers can send requests to it.

Here’s why Webhook Static IP is a game-changer:

1. Enhanced Security

Webhook Static IP allows you to create a secure and private channel for your webhook notifications. By restricting access to known and trusted Bitpowr servers, you greatly reduce the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches

2. Mitigating Risk

Restricting webhook requests to Bitpowr servers mitigates the risk of malicious activity, such as denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and unwanted spam, enhancing system resilience and reducing vulnerability to external threats.

3. Ensuring Reliability

When you whitelist requests from Bitpowr servers, you can ensure the reliability and consistency of your webhook notifications. There’s no need to worry about unwanted interruptions or unreliable sources.

In summary, the Webhook Static IP feature is your gateway to a more secure, trusted, and reliable webhook notification system.

Bitpowr is dedicated to providing you with the best tools for managing your data and staying informed. The recent updates to Webhook Subscription and Webhook Static IP are examples of our commitment to enhancing your experience and safeguarding your data. We are excited to see how these features empower you to take control of your webhook notifications and strengthen your business operation. Access it here



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