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Introducing Activity Log Page on Bitpowr

Find out how to see a detailed breakdown of all actions carried out on your Bitpowr account.

Emmanuel Alonge
Emmanuel AlongeFeb 06, 2023
Introducing Activity Log Page on Bitpowr

We are always working to improve our product by including functionalities that will enable you to achieve your business goals in the easiest and most secure way possible. In line with this commitment, we are excited to introduce a new feature on your Bitpowr dashboard: the activity log page.

You can now view a detailed chronological breakdown of all key activities carried out on your Bitpowr dashboard in one place.

Activity log 1.png

As a business, it’s critical that you can keep track of what’s happening on your digital asset management account including what other users are doing and other vital details.

This is crucial as such records can serve as audit logs in case of any incident. This is why we’ve designed the activity log page to include all vital details of user activity on your Bitpowr dashboard.

From the activity log page, you can see a list of all actions carried out and filter them by user and date. You can also search for a specific task like who sent what to a particular address.

Activity log 2.png

On top of that, clicking on each activity provides more information about the task, including details about the user, the action carried out and the IP of the user when that specific event happened.

Activity log 3.png

Explore the activity log page and let us know what you think! We remain committed to delivering all the tools you need to seamlessly and securely manage your digital asset operations.



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