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DeFi Infrastructure

Power the future of financial services by connecting to DeFi protocols on Bitpowr.

Bitpowr DeFi Solutions

Instantly integrate with multiple DeFi protocols on Bitpowr to enable frictionless and borderless blockchain-based transactions, including lending, borrowing, staking, token swapping, and more.

  • Bitpowr DeFi API

    With Bitpowr’s DeFi API, you can seamlessly and easily power various financial products by integrating with DeFi protocols on Bitpowr.

  • BitPowr DeFi Interface

    Our DeFi interface lets you connect directly to DeFi protocols through Bitpowr, with a few clicks.

  • Defi Infrastructure
    Defi Infrastructure

    DeFi Use Cases

    Deliver next-level financial services on the blockchain at scale with top DeFi protocols such as Aave, Anchor, Compound, Venus, and more.

    • Save and Earn

      Grow your revenue by depositing your crypto in DeFi protocols and earning yields over time.

    • Staking

      Connect to DeFi protocols where you can lock your crypto assets in a smart contract in exchange for more earnings.

    • Lending and Borrowing

      Lend your crypto assets and earn interests in return or access funds from other investors quickly.


    Development stack for digital assets and financial products

    Our easy to use APIs enables any developer to instantly create and manage thousands of secure wallet, mint and deploy custom digital tokens, sign and approve transactions, deploy and securely interact with smart contract and swap between digital assets

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    Join hundreds of financial institutions taking advantage of the best cloud-based blockchain solution to build secure financial products, deliver better financial services and future-proof their financial operations.



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