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Policy engine built to govern digital assets operations

Access a seamless autorization engine for creating custom polices and rules governing wallets, transactions and users activities. This ensures a high level of flexibility and enables you to customize a framework that aligns precisely with your business requirements


All in one policy for your financial product

Seize the chance to tailor and implement essential policies that align with your business needs.

  • Compliance Policy (AML & KYT)

    Compliance Policy provides a seamless way to create custom policies regarding detecting fraudulent transactions and actions to carry out thereafter. You can set automated screening workflows and automatically block and freeze transactions and addresses involving criminal activity.

  • Approver Policy

    Bitpowr allows your organization to have multiple users with distinct roles. You have the flexibility to set the number of approvers required for executing transactions, as well as specifying the minimum number of rejections needed to prevent a transaction from proceeding.

  • Collection Policy

    Collection is an automated method of funding a destination address whenever a master or deposit address receives funds. Our platform offers a policy feature that empowers your organization to create customizable rules, specifying the amount to send to another destination address, the scheduled time for sending, and other automated outbound operations.

  • Withdrawal Policy

    Bitpowr enables organizations to control asset outflows from their wallets. You can establish daily and monthly withdrawal limits, as well as specify a minimum amount for transactions to always require approval.

    Additionally, you have the option to choose whether money should be withdrawn through our platform's dashboard or via API, with straightforward verification processes.

  • Address Policy

    Whitelist addresses that can receive transactions and transfer out from your organization on Bitpowr. Blacklist addresses that cannot send out from your organization wallets on Bitpowr


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