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Industry5 min read

Roles of Transaction Fees In Cryptocurrencies

Transaction fees are essential in crypto, preventing spam and malicious activities while ensuring the network remains efficient, secure, and competitive.

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavApr 08, 2024
Industry5 min read

Differences Between Coins And Tokens

Coins are native to their own blockchain networks and are designed for general transactions and value preservation, while tokens are built on top of existing blockchains and provide utility and functionality within specific ecosystems.

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavApr 01, 2024
Industry6 min read

Bitcoin ETF Why its Matters and What Its Approval Mean

The green light given to a Bitcoin ETF in the United States is triggering a significant transformation. Here is a brief overview of the implications for the ecosystem.

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavJan 15, 2024
Industry7 min read

Ethereum Layer 2 Latest Solutions

Uncover the essence of Ethereum's functionality by exploring the roles of "Layer 1" (L1) and "Layer 2" (L2). Learn how L1 serves as the foundational blockchain, while L2 introduces solutions to boost transaction efficiency and maintain security on Ethereum.

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavDec 04, 2023
Industry5 min read

Blockchain Bridges: Connecting the Web3 Ecosystem

Blockchain Bridges facilitate communication and movement of assets between different blockchain networks.

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavOct 02, 2023
Industry3 min read

Ethereum Rollups

Ethereum rollup is a Layer 2 scaling solution that helps to increase the scalability and throughput of the Ethereum blockchain- making Ethereum transactions faster and cheaper.

BitpowrJul 23, 2023
Industry4 min read

Understanding Lightning Network

Lightning Network is a layer-2 payment protocol on Bitcoin that enables fast transactions.

Rebecca Lalav
Rebecca LalavJul 20, 2023
Industry5 min read

Private Keys

Private keys represent the final control and ownership of digital asset. Learn why.

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavJul 03, 2023
Industry4 min read

Understanding the Reasons for the Recent Surge in Bitcoin Transaction Fees

In the past days, Bitcoin fees have been outrageously high. In this article we explore the reasons and look at ways to navigate through it

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavMay 09, 2023
Industry5 min read

Neobanks: A Catalysts for Global Financial Transformation

The future of Neobanking looks promising, here is how the blockchain can help accelerate it's growth.

Rebecca lalav
Rebecca lalavMay 05, 2023
Industry5 min read

How to Choose the Right Blockchain Infrastructure Provider

Here are some key things to know before choosing a Blockchain provider for your financial Institution.

Emmanuel Alonge
Emmanuel AlongeMar 15, 2023
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